Quantum Health for Golfers

How to live longer and better thanks to Space Technologies & Therapies

The First news from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Quantum Health Initiative is excited to announce a worldwide Cooperation with Prof. Dr. Yury Guscho! Leading expert, Global Health and Longevity for Golfers.

Pr. Yury Guscho

  • PhD Engineer
  • Doctor of Science
  • Professor, Honored inventor, Vice-President of National Gerontology Society,
  • Vice-President, Member of Swiss Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
  • Master of sports (wrestling SAMBO)
  • Journalist and photographer.

18 years of research – statistical approach across different countries

Yury Guscho is a Professor at the Moscow Technical University of the Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automatics (MIREA), a Head of Electro-Physical Laboratory, Doctor of Science (Techn.), honoured inventor of Russia, vice-president of National Gerontology Centre, journalist and photographer of first-rate Weekly Newspaper “Argumenty and Facty”, the author of more than 250 publications among which are 70 patents, 7 monographs.

His scientific achievements in technical area are: boundary tasks of mathematical physics; surface phenomena in viscoelastic layers limit thickness; electro-physics; electro-technology; radio-electronics; electro-optical converters; diffraction optics. Yury Guscho is the founder of a new direction in applied physics – the reliefography, on which base the high-speed phase electro-optical modulator Relief (LMR) with the light efficiency about 100% was developed.

His scientific achievements in the field of Active Longevity are: quantitative social gerontology; high-speed methods and computer programs for the analysis and forecasting of probability of a survival and life quality of social groups; mathematical modeling of life quality; active longevity; human ecology; influence of nutrition, movement, water-drinking regimen, psychological condition, gas exchange (breathing), health services, working and life conditions, purification, heredity, place and time of birth, education, bad habits harmful habits and influences on expected life span.


Quantum Health is based on 40 years of research in space health and astrophysics, and over 20 years of practical application with hundreds of thousands of cases across all areas of health issues.

Via the new concept of Integrative Physiomics, and the combined use of modern non-intrusive space technologies and selected complementary therapies, we are able to identify the real root causes of health issues and change the related frame conditions, to help accelerate treatment of existing problems, reduce or prevent upcoming problems, and help you live better and more autonomously.

We are an international team of pragmatic long-term researchers and practitioners with strong European roots and we all share a common dream – to provide access to effective and affordable global health to all.