DSC_0061 Старт и финиш  олимпийских лунок рядом на ОИ РИО-16-22222

05/08/16 Our special correspondent professor Yury Guscho reports from Rio de Janeiro

Posted on 5th August 2016

2 hours before the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio 16


It has become axiomatic that golf is one of the most useful sports not only for the momentary health, but also it helps, thanks to the dosage and the controlled effort, to increase the quality and length of life.

The number of persons playing a golf on one level or another, has reached 100 million people and continues to grow. For comparison, tennis enthusiasts and professionals are in 10 times less. At the same time, you can regularly see a professional or a golf amateur who celebrates its 100th anniversary on golf courses.

It is not accident that a record of longevity among the Olympians belongs to Helu Priest – 104 years. The record for longevity among golfers belongs Elsie McLean – 107 years.

During the 30 years Yury Guscho has developed a program of testing and optimization of health resources for different social groups. At the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, he will try to gather factual material for the modernization of the program “active aging” especially for a hundred million enthusiasts and golf professionals. He is also preparing to publish a new book, “Golf and Health” The collected material will be used in this book.

Golf competitions at the Summer Olympics 2016 will be held from 11 to 14 August for men and from 17 to 20 August for women. Athletes will compete for two sets of medals. There are 60 participants both men and women. Competitions will be held in the district of Barra da Tijuca. As seen in the photos made today, construction work is under way: testing of all the systems, construction of press-center, stands and golf courses, etc.

DSC_0034 гольф поле на РИО-16

Golf course in Rio 2016