Ladies golf competition in full swing

Posted on 19th August 2016

The second round of golf competitions among women is completed at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  Two days before the end of competition there are 12 out of 60 women rated from – 10 to – 6 pairs clearly in the lead. The average age of these 12 leaders is 24 years, ranging between 35 and 18 years. However, everything can change on the 20th of August.

We have analyzed the age structure of all 60 golf competitors among women.

Статистика гольфистки

As you can see, the age composition of the golf tournaments among women is considerably younger in comparison with their male counterparts . Women’s golf, at least for the first 112 years of Olympic games is an average 15 years younger than the male. Analysis of this phenomenon is soon to come.
It is worth noting that women’s golf is significantly different from the male in the more accurate and multilateral preparation to shot, whether putting or swing. Follow our report about the participants of historical events among women in golf…

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