New discipline, new records

Posted on 16th August 2016

The 14th August golf Olympic competition for men was culminated in Rio.

Golf competition, returned to the Olympics for the first time in 112 years, set several records, not directly related to Olympism.
First of all, the age of participants is 15-20 years older than in other Olympic sports.
The chart below shows that the age of the participants fit in range from 24 to 46 years. The vast majority is 36 – 40 years old who has absolutely nothing to do in this age in other sports at the Olympics.


Nevertheless, participants look slim, healthy and intellectual men.
4 rounds for 4 days with high reliability revealed winners of the Olympic Games in 2016. Gold was awarded by a 36 years ROSE Justin (-16), silver – a 40 years STENSON Henrik (-14), bronze – a 38 years KUCHAR Matt (-13).

Win an Olympic medal at the age of 40 years is an event at the Olympics. For golf, according to these competitions, it’s a common phenomenon.

 Сhampions and prize-winners:

Bronze, KUCHAR Matt
Silver, STENSON Henrik
Gold, ROSE Justin
United Kingdom