The Best Female Golfers Converge in Rio

Posted on 22nd August 2016

The Rio golf competition bringing together the best women golfers was completed this weekend. According to experts and competitors, competition organization was on hight level both from a technical and organizational positions.

Leading during all 4 rounds, Korean PARK Inbee won gold (-16), overtaking New Zealend athlete KO Lidia (-11), which became the silver Olympic Games medalist.
FENG Shanshan (-10) fell behind only by one point due to errors by putting and received a bronze medal.

DSC_8585      DSC_8519



The biggest sensation of the day was caused by Russian athlete, Maria Verchenova. Before the last 4th round she had only 40 position out of 60 possible, but Maria could move into the top ten Olympics by earning 9 under par, during only 4-th round. Experts appreciated its potential. They believe that if she hasn’t make serious mistakes in the first three rounds, Maria could aspire to medal positions in Rio.

DSC_7683   DSC_7722

Maria Verchenova, Russian Golfer