Why have leading golfers refused to participate in the competition ?

Posted on 16th August 2016

The International Golf Association held three press conferences. The first was led by Mr. Dawson, the president of International Golf Federation.

The conference was devoted to the problems of interaction between the International Golf Associations and the Olympic Movement. The reason for the press conference was the absence of leading golfers (men) at the Olympic Games.
a women’s team is represented by the first clubs, the men’s team loosed  5 of the best players in golf today. But in general, about 25 leading players missed the Olympic Games.
This is a tragedy, because after 112 years of struggle for the return of golf to the Olympic, the leading players have been behind the Olympics.
The consolation is that women are represented in full force.
Explanations is following:

At first, summer schedule of the leading players is very charged and associated with financial liabilities.

The second explanation is Zeke’s disease ,emerged to the top of the Olympic Games.

Finally, in its comments on the tennis Olympic champion, now playing in the PGA, Yevgeny Kafelnikov suggested that the top players did not come because they could not reverse the doping so fast. Clearly, the doping is used during preparation for a professional competition in the PGA, where Doping Control does not exist.

During this press conference our correspondent asked Mr. Dawson about the importance of general physical training and special training for golf professionals and amateurs.
He referred to the fact that Quantum Health Initiative is preparing a computer program to analyze the health of golfers resources and preparing a book on the topic “golf, health and longevity”.
Mr. Dawson supported the idea and asked to send detailed information about the program and book.